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ISERDIndia Analytics in association with Pitchkrafts and Kansaltancy Ventures is delighted to organize Live two days Certified Masterclass on Fundraising and creating an investment ready Pitch deck for early-stage entrepreneurs, start-ups, university students or freelancers seeking to start their own venture.

Early-stage startups or entrepreneurs usually operate in markets that favor investors. This is because the founders of those startups usually pitch investors seriously one by one as they convince those investors to meet and hear a pitch. Each time the founder walks into a meeting with an investor, the investor has full control of whether or not to make an investment decision. Fundraising is a process and is important because it gives founders the best opportunity to create a market for startups that favors the founders in the most important aspect of raising money, getting the right investor.

Creating an effective and investment ready pitch deck is the most critical and crucial step for seed stage funding. The key point to remember here is that founders should strive for clarity and concision. To help early-stage startups/ entrepreneurs this certified masterclass will serve as the catalyst in their journey of becoming investment ready and will help them in critically analyzing the feasibility of the ideas, learn the nuances of fundraising and pitch deck creation by the market specialists.


ISERDIndia Analytics  is the First Organisation in the World for promoting Intellectual Property Rights with Entrepreneurship & Research Development.


World of Innovation

ISERD : In the world leading towards innovation trends, we need to keep ourselves well aquainted with latest technologies, upcoming innovations, market needs. One who is able to get the need of the hour is definitely gonna win this race of innovation. Innovation is not slave to intelligent or rich but it is a common thing like a common sense but difficult to find in a common man. We need to understand the problem of market and then find a suitable solution for that.


Intellectual Property Rights

We at ISERDIndia always aim to make young individuals and market experts to get more familiarise with the Intellectual Property Rights through seminars, national level events, online awareness sessions etc.

ISERDIndia provide opportunities for the students and professionals to grow in the field of IPR by connecting then with our partner companies who are giants in India in IPR field.

AI & Robotics

Technology is not far from us. ISERDIndia has conducted a number of workshops and online seminars related to Artificial intelligence and Robotics to create a virtual image of bright future of Artificial intelligence in the upcoming era.

We have number of partners with us who help us in this journey to educate our youth about technology trends. We are willing to have dedicated labs of Artificial intelligence and Robotics in schools and colleges for students in nearby future

Research & Development

ISERDIndia always keep young intellectuals aware about the ongoing and upcoming research and development  programmes going on within the country as well as abroad . We guide the students who are willing to grow in R&D field by providing them with all the guidance through our online/offline seminars at various platforms.

We, through our social circle helps  connecting people with their extraordinary research works to their beneficiary audience so that individuals can get benefit of their hard work

What will you learn

Intellectual Property

Management Skills

Research Analytics

AI & Robotics


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